Going Cruelty Free - VuDu Conditioner Review

So many people these days are realizing the importance and benefits of using cruelty free and organically preserved products. For so many years, many people have been sweeping the idea of cruelty free products under the rug. It takes effort, and it's easy it put out of sight out and out of mind. I follow PETA on Twitter, so it is always right there in front of me!
A few weeks ago, my sister was telling me that she was trying to go cruelty free with her and her husband's products. She had heard about BlackBox Cosmetics' but didn't know that they fall under this category! She was telling me how the cruelty free hair conditioner that she had been using just wasn't working out, so I offered her my VuDu Cupuacu Mint Conditioner to try out, and here is what she had to say:

"So far, for my loads of fine, coloured hair it works great! You don’t need much at all and works into the hair nicely. Because of my fine hair, many conditioners make my hair greasy by the end of the day. The BlackBox conditioner does not. Its made my hair super soft and definitely helps the frizzies. My hair is super easy to brush out after the shower.  I’ve worn my hair down for two days in a row (which I don’t normally do because my hair would be greasy by the second day) and I think it still looks good on the second day.  The conditioner also smells like unsweetened chocolate with a hint of mint. So far love this product!"