Going Cruelty Free - VuDu Conditioner Review

So many people these days are realizing the importance and benefits of using cruelty free and organically preserved products. For so many years, many people have been sweeping the idea of cruelty free products under the rug. It takes effort, and it's easy it put out of sight out and out of mind. I follow PETA on Twitter, so it is always right there in front of me!

The Best Hangover Cure - For Your Skin!

Nobody enjoys waking up the day after a night of drinking, let alone going out in public. There are so many hangover cures out there, and I do believe that some of them actually help too. I am a firm believer in fixing the hangover feeling with coffee, water and Gatorade - not all in one glass of course, that might make it worse. I have been told that Milk Thistle before bed is a life saver as well. I usually try and sneak in a glass of water between drinks to stay hydrated and avoid the whole hangover situation all together, but that doesn't always work as planned...

So...What's Your Story?

Everybody has their story, their big, life changing event that made them who they are today. So why is it that whenever I am asked to tell my story, I can't come up with anything to say?