So...What's Your Story?

Everybody has their story, their big, life changing event that made them who they are today. So why is it that whenever I am asked to tell my story, I can't come up with anything to say?

Well, I grew up in a great home. We loved a lot, we yelled a bunch, and we all drove each other crazy. But it just seems that's how every family is. No judgments, lots of support, and a handful of screaming matches. I've had great friends, bad friends, boyfriends, and exes.  I laugh, I cry, I try to be healthy even though I'm really terrible at it. I've done things I'm not proud of, I've done things that I am proud of...

I haven't conquered cancer,  climbed Mount Everest, or donated a million dollars to a charity. I don't have 'a story' - I am just me, and I am the person I am today, because I choose to be.

Whats your story?