Being Healthy Is More Than What You Eat

As a vegetarian, I am pretty conscious of what I put in my body - Except on the weekends which usually consists of booze and junk food - but you know, five days a week, I am pretty health conscious. I exercise almost every day, try and eat healthy portions of healthy food, and limit my junk food intake to about 1 licorice a day (which is a pretty big step for me being that I used to have a whole drawer dedicated to junk food at work - thankfully for my metabolism, it didn't take a huge toll on my body). As I was saying, I am conscious of what I put in my body, but it wasn't until recently that I realized that what you put on your body is just as important.

Skin is the body's biggest organ, and it is also very absorbent. When you use soap, cleanser, lotion, shampoo, etc., your skin absorbs most of its ingredients into your blood stream. (This reminds me of a story my grandpa used to tell us, I'll make a note at the bottom of this page). Which is why it is super important to keep an eye out for harmful toxins in your face, bath and hair products (and anything else for that matter), because anything you put on your skin will most likely end up in your blood stream. Sulphates, parabens, and many other common ingredients in these types of products are actually known to cause cancer and can be seriously harmful to your health.  I've actually come across this company called BlackBox Cosmetics that is completely focused on botanically based, sulfate and paraben free, products. I think their Fig and Argan shampoo & conditioner is actually even better than the salon shampoo that I have been using for years - my hair has never been so smooth! But one of the most exciting things about these products, is when you look at the ingredients and the only words you can`t pronounce are the botanical names of plants.

My Grandpa`s Short Story
(Just for the record, he never actually had short stories; they usually lasted at least an hour... this is just a summed up version of one of these life tales he used to tell us) When he was in the army, they weren`t allowed to drink when they were in the field (no kidding), so they used to put moonshine in their boots and it would absorb through their feet so they could feel the effects of the alcohol without getting in trouble.