Silky, Soft and Smooth

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I have been using this new Shampoo from BlackBox Cosmetics. The first day or so, all I could say is that it smelt absolutely delicious! The combination of Argan Oil and all of the botanical extracts, make it smell heavenly. Honestly though, after a couple days I really noticed a difference in how manageable my hair was, and this says a lot because for anybody who knows me well, will know that I have lots of thick hair (and if you know hair, you'll know that that is code for tangles).
Don't get me wrong, I love having thick hair. Yes, I may have chopped it off a couple times, but I suppose my locks and I have a love hate relationship... it gets unruly, and I chop it off,  it cooperates, and well, I don't chop it off. Although, this usually backfires on me, because just as soon as I cut my hair, I always want it back right away. I learned that Horsetail (the plant, not the animal), is really good for growing your hair longer, thicker, and healthier - my hairdresser let me in on this when I told her I missed my long hair and wanted to grow it back again.

For the last few years I have been using a well known salon brand of shampoo, which I thought was the bee's knees. It did smell alright, and I suppose when it comes down to getting clean, it got the job done, but that's pretty much all my shampoo ever did for me. Not to say that I expect my hair products to wash the dishes and clean my house too - although that would be pretty amazing...if anybody knows of a shampoo that does this for me, please let me know! -  but, it is pretty great when I find myself combing my fingers through my hair all day, saying to myself "wow, it's so soft and silky", which is exactly what I've been doing all week since I've changed over to BlackBox's shampoo and conditioner.