Trying Out My New Goods

As I had mentioned in my previous post, I had purchased Frost Face Wash from BlackBox Cosmetics. It was a bummer to have to wait for in the mail, but now that it's here, I have been using this for the last couple days - and so far, so good!
 It came just in time too: I had been using a bar of soap for far too long and I had just been hit with the unwelcome presence of one big, mean pimple. After I washed with this new cleanser, rinsed, and dried my face, I noticed the redness had actually toned itself down a fair bit. I think the Aloe jumped right in to action once it realized the job it was in for! You can tell by the texture of Frost, that Aloe is a main ingredient.

After washing my face, I have been waiting about 5 / 10 minutes before moisturizing. (I usually moisturize immediately- especially with the freezing weather we've been having - because my skin dries out within just a minute or so). However, with the new product, I wanted to see if it would really make a difference. After using Frost face wash, I haven't noticed my skin drying out like it had been previously.

To moisturize, I have been using Radiance AX, which I love! It is light enough to be face friendly - and the moisturizing ability is strong enough to use on my arms and legs too. This is an "anti-aging" product, but it feels great and has more than 40 botanical oils, extracts and nutrients, so I think it makes a good addition to my daily routine! But aside from this, my favorite part of moisturizing now, is the fact that it smells like butter-cream icing. I kid you not - I couldn't pin the scent at first, but it is definitely the smell of rich, butter-cream icing.  Every time I moisturize now, I feel like eating a cupcake! 

 Both Frost Face Wash, and Radiance AX, are from BlackBox Cosmetics' Restoration Skin line of products. These products are all labelled as anti-aging skincare products, but being in my early twenties, I don't need to worry about that quite yet! I am a firm believer in taking care of my skin now rather than trying to reverse damage later. All of these products are packed with vitamins and nutrients which help nourish the skin and keep it healthy! Based on my experience so far, Frost and Radiance AX have both made themselves a permanent space on my shelf.